Nightmares and desires have more in common than you’d think.

Or at least they do if you’re a broken Succubus.

I should be making bank, delivering fantasies to my clients and feeding off their lust. Instead, a night with me leaves them with a lifetime of nightmares.

Even the damn seedy strip club that had been all too happy to hire me kicked me out the door when they started losing regulars. Apparently, the no touch policy isn’t enough of a safety net.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.

Destined to be an outcast, it seems.

Until I run into two men who have dark sides of their own.

Maybe our demons match. Maybe they’re punishing themselves by embracing my violent gifts.

All I know is that I don’t want them to stop.

Even if it means killing them in the process.

FANG ME HARD is a high heat, dark paranormal rockstar romance featuring a Fire Fae, a Succubus, and a vampire! If you enjoyed Gaja J. Kos's ICRA Files: Berlin, Succ, and Shade Assassin, then you'll absolutely adore this one! The standalone merges the most delectable vibes from those micro-worlds and infuses them with darker, sinful undertones that will keep you flipping the pages!

Gaja J. Kos

USA Today Bestselling Author Gaja J. Kos writes steamy urban fantasy and paranormal romance, rich with sizzling tension and soulmates who come in pairs, menage, or reverse harem constellations. Why choose, right?

As a Zodiac enthusiast and shameless summer babe, she thrives on finding magic in everyday life. She loves binge reading high-heat series, seeing her favorite rockstars live in concert, and spending time with her husband and their Chinese Crested dog.

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